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Parent-Spectator Expectations

First and foremost, everyone is expected to put the kids first.  Everyone is reminded that having fun is more important than winning.

Parents and spectators are expected to cheer and encourage the players.  They are NOT to coach.  That is the Coach's job.  They are to be respectful to all volunteers, especially coaches and referees, who are giving up their own time for the good of the kids.  If you disagree with a play or a call......keep it to yourself.  If you are deeply concerned, bring it up to the coach or a board member and not to the volunteer with whom you disagree.  

Swearing is not allowed at any time by amyone.  Negative talk, talk that encourages one player to harm another player, and yelling inappropriately will warrant the referee or a board member to have you removed from the fields and to the parking lot.  Failure to comply will result in the suspension of a game and/or calling of police.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere near the fields.  If you must smoke, please to so in the parking lot.

Pets are not allowed around any side of the playing fields.   If you bring a pet it must remain behind the chain link fences.   This is for the protection of your pet and the players and is an AYSO National rule.

The fields we use are not the region's fields; rather they are property to the county and thereby owned by us as citizens.  Therefore, please dispose of all trash appropriately.

Keep in mind that AYSO is not responsible for any activity that takes place on the playground.  Likewise, it is absolutely necessary that you keep an eye on your kids when they are on the playground as well. 

As parents, it is important also for you to help the coach and region as much as possible.  This includes helping to set up and take down nets, helping with field set up and take down and transporting materials to/from the region's storage pod, and assisting in any other way possible.

We especially ask that you do not yell at the referees, especially our youth referees.  Remember:  they are human.  If they do not make a call you agree with, it might be because they are following the rules as they best interpret them.....or they made a mistake.  If you disagree with a call, talk to your child's coach or a board member and not the referee.   If you argue with the referee about a call, especially during the game, you may find yourself watching the game from the parking lot....and without any warning if need be.

Ultimately, we would not have this region without the input of parents.  The board is always seeking people to serve as volunteers in all areas, including on the regional board.  If you would like to help in some way, please see a current board member.


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